Canny Case Studies 4 Different Image of Natural Stone

The different types of natural stone

As the popularity of natural stone grows each year, it increases the need for extra care and maintenance.

Canny Case Studies Stainless Steel

How to protect stainless steel with Rite Coat

Due to its modern and attractive appearance, stainless steel is widely used in buildings, both inside and outside. It is also used in places where there are strict hygiene requirements, such as in the hospitality and health care sectors.

Canny Case Studies Steel Aluminum

About Powder Coated Steel and Aluminum

Powder coated steel and aluminium are not resistant to weathering and the effects of pollution. These materials can corrode quickly, with stains and signs of leakage becoming visible. In the worst case the powdering becomes pale. The surface loses its gloss and original appearance.

Canny Case Studies Red Clean Tiles and Clean Grout

How to keep dirty tiles and grout clean and hygienic

Tile surfaces become scratched and dulled from daily abrasion creating micro hiding places for dirt, oils, and bacteria. The condition worsens in a short amount of time and creates an unacceptable floor or wall that cannot be cleaned by usual methods.

Canny Case Studies Glass

How to protect glass with ClearSheild

Glass despite appearances is a rough surface. It is into this surface that dirt, salt and grime can attach its self to. As a result, windows and other glass surfaces look dull and dirty. They have lost their bright lustre and sparkle.