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If you’ve been using the same bathroom for a while, chances are the glass in your bathroom has become obscured and clouded from hard water damage over the years. No matter how hard you scrub, or what products you purchase, the glass just doesn’t get any cleaner.

At Canny, we provide a restoration and protection service that’ll have your glass looking and feeling like new again.

Residential Shower Cleaning

We have been restoring shower glass for more than 4 years. We know how frustrating it can be when no matter what you try you just can seem to shift that soap scum build up. The presentation of your bathroom now becomes spoilt because of that pesky glass.

Don’t continue to waste money on all the wonder products that simply don’t work. Let us use our tried and tested restoration process to get your glass looking like new in no time. This process is far more cost effective that replacing your shower.

We offer a no obligation TEST & QUOTE to ensure that your shower can be restored. If we can’t get it looking like new, we won’t even try.

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Commercial Shower Cleaning

The shower in a hotel, motel or B&B is always the most frustrating area to keep clean. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most commonly complained about issues by guests. If your shower doesn’t look good it can tarnish the whole experience for your customers.

Image what damage that dirty shower could be having to your reputation and repeat business. We can help return your showers to its original glory and keep your staff and guests happy at the same time.

We have completed successful jobs for several clients including the Intercontinental and Sudima hotels. We offer a special volume rate to all accommodation providers.

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