Has your Stainless Steel started to display signs of aging?

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Metal Fame Work And Panel Protection

Metal fame work and panels on exteriors of buildings look great and are easy to keep clean when new.

Over time with exposure to weathering and chemical attack they lose their appeal and become very difficult to keep clean.

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Ritecoat is an innovative ‘non-stick’ solution that makes stainless steel truly stain less! Ritecoat provides unbeatable protection for stainless steel, powder-coated and anodised aluminium surfaces.

Restore – Existing surfaces can be restored on-site by our technical specialists back to their original glory before this unique treatment is applied.

Protect – Ritecoat is a protective thin film that creates durable ‘non-stick’ performance.

Maintain – Protected surfaces are easier to maintain and eliminates the need for harsh graffiti removers or acids for cleaning.

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