Grout looking dirty?

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Grout Losing Colour?

Cleaning dirty grout is an endless task. Once the grout has been cleaned the same process begins again and is a vicious circle. Eventually the grout cannot be cleaned to a satisfactory standard and the only way to get it looking nice again is to remove the old grout and replace it. Not only is this an expensive process, it is very disruptive, and worse still it will not stay looking this way for long.

Grout Perfect™ colour sealer is used to restore, re colour and stain proof grout all in one application, it not only makes old grout look brand new and uniform but it`s real purpose is creating a durable layer of STAIN PROOFING GROUT PROTECTION to the grout which prevents dirt and spills from being able to soak in.

Grout Perfect™ looks and feels like grout, whilst being completely impervious (unlike grout). It contains a modified urethane sealing agent and concrete hardeners to give it extra strength, and help it bond to the sanded grout below. It will greatly reduce the maintenance required to keep the grout looking it’s best.

Grout Perfect™ utilizes a concrete hardener that activates only when it contacts the ingredients of cement (grout) such as calcium carbonate (limestone) and silica (ground granite) aggregate. That is why Grout Perfect™ hardens on grout and remains removable from the ceramic tiles.

A must for new or old grout installations!  Grout Perfect™ has been used in the USA for over 20 years and is now the number one grout colour sealer used by professionals worldwide.  It does not peel or flake off, it sticks and stays while making grout easier to maintain for years to come.  Get Canny and say goodbye to ugly patchy grout!

We colour seal both residential and commercial and properties.

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Residential Grout Restoration

We can deep clean and Colour Seal both floor and wall tile grout lines. Grout Perfect is the answer for effectively renovating bathrooms, showers, toilet floors, kitchen floors, foyers, hallways, lounges and any tiled area for a fraction of replacement costs.
Canny offer a free demonstration and quote so that you can see exactly what the result of Colour Sealing will be prior to going ahead. Time to get Canny?

Commercial Grout Restoration

Presentation and cleanliness are paramount in the commercial sector and can make or break your business. In Hotels & motels first impressions count, which is why a lot of effort goes in to keeping wet areas clean. It can feel like an uphill struggle at times as the grout lines become dirty over time and t become very difficult to clean with traditional methods. Not only does the appearance deteriorate but inevitably the issue of unpleasant odours becomes greater, especially if urine penetrates the grout.

Leisure facilities tend to have similar issues as hotels and motels. The volume of traffic compounds these issues in areas where the clients desire is just to have clean looking and smelling facilities. Deep cleaning followed by Colour Sealing the grout lines will stop this frustrating cycle. Colour sealing can be applied as a cost effective protective solution at construction stage or as a restorative treatment once the grout has discoloured.

The key benefits of Colour Sealing in these environments are;

  • Uniformity of grout colour (replacing the discoloured or faded appearance or “tired” grout.
  • Elimination of unpleasant odours; urine will no longer penetrate the grout causing these offensive smells.
  • Colour Sealed grout is easier to keep clean.
  • There will be no mould or mildew within the grout lines once they have been treated.
  • Toilets and washrooms will look lighter and brighter, and smell better once Colour Sealed.

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The difference between Grout Perfect™ and ‘normal’ sealers

Grout sealers have many names, they are known as grout re colorants, grout paints, grout dyes, grout stains and grout pens, most of these sealers you can buy from a hardware store, due to there thin water like appearance that just penetrate through the grout and sit just below the surface of the grout, they come clear or have colour dyes added to them.

Grout Perfect™ colourseal is as thick as pancake batter!  It not only penetrates the surface of the grout but also coat’s the surface of the grout and best of all looks like grout.Grout Perfect™sealer is a acrylic resin that has a modified urethane sealing agent added and concrete hardeners. It IS THE ultimate grout colour and sealer with TITANIUM OXIDES to give extra strength in bonding to cement based grout.  Our Grout Perfect™ provides the highest degree of stain protection and greatly reduces the maintenance required to keep your grout looking at its best. This is why professional applicators and business owners use Grout Perfect™colourseal with confidence because they know it works, sticks and stays.

Grout Perfect™ Colour Seal Is Used To:

  • Change grout colours without replacing grout.
  • Eliminate grout discoloration, mildew and stains.
  • Brighten existing faded or out dated grout back to new.
  • Protect new grout installations to stop stains and mildew.
  • Eliminate the need for harsh chemicals being used again.
  • Create consistent uniform grout colour for better appearance.
  • Redecorate! No need to replace that expensive tiled floor.
  • Reduce cleaning labour for home or office personal.
  • Eliminate impossible stains.
  • Make that white, pure white again. (even around the toilet)
  • Brighten existing faded or outdated grout colour back to new.
  • Grout Perfect™ Colour Sealer lasts more than 15 years.

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